Manage risk

There are techniques and strategies for the protection of assets, protecting yourself and your loved ones

Planning to minimise risk and protect your assets

Asset Protection

Managing risk

Managing risk is a common thread within an asset protection strategy.

The law is complex and wealth management changes. A Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) may be an appropriate instrument for managing risk, especially when couples enter into a relationship  

An example of risk management within an asset protection strategy? Severing a tenancy from joint to tenants in common

When a family home is purchased the property may be acquired by the parties as joint tenants. Joint tenancy may not be a suitable basis for holding a property. In order to protect the asset in some instances the tenancy should be severed into a tenancy in common. There is no stamp duty or capital gains tax. If an "at risk" person acquires a property it may be better to acquire the property in unequal shares so that at risk person holds less in the event that a trustee in bankruptcy is chasing a debt. 

Gridiger Lawyers will work together with your advisors to develop and implement a plan that aims to protect your assets. In the example above, we will work with your accountant and financial planner to develop an asset protection plan.


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