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Estate Planning: Planning for the inevitable

While we can plan for some things in life, other things can happen unexpectedly, whether it be physical and mental disability, progressive or degenerative illness or injury, death, individual and family disputes. An Estate Plan allows you to retain control of your assets while also enabling you to determine who will make decisions on your behalf should you not have the capacity in the future. The preparation of an Estate Plan can address many critical life issues...

Estate Planning (pdf 65kb)

Succession Planning: Creating a roadmap for a succession of change

Business succession planning is another of life’s “administrative” functions that tends to get little attention until someone decides to retire or leave. At this point, the situation may well be described as crisis management. There are many factors to be considered in a Succession Plan...

Succession Planning (pdf 73kb)

Wills: There is no such thing as a “simple” Will

During our lifetime, we all go through certain “trigger points” that determine when we should make or renew a Will. Sometimes the events just seem to sneak up on us, so don’t wait for the warning signs. Making a Will is important at any stage of your life, and is critical to ensure that when you die, your estate is managed the way you intended...

Wills (pdf 75kb)

Statutory Wills: Even a Will may not be final

There are some circumstances that are out of your immediate control, even when you have made a Will. The court may authorise a Statutory Will should you suffer an injury as a result of an accident or mental disability. A Statutory Will arises where the court authorises a Will or Codicil to be made altered or revoked for a person without testamentary capacity (Succession Act 2006 NSW). This means that when somebody becomes incapable of managing their own affairs, important legal steps must be taken to ensure that their care, welfare and administration of their financial affairs are managed in their best interests...

Statutory Wills (pdf 64kb)

Power of Attorney: Appoint someone you trust to look after your affairs

Sometimes we are faced with challenging and stressful circumstances that require us to make important decisions about a family member or loved one. There may also be circumstances where you can no longer look after yourself and need to appoint someone with the “power” to make decisions about your affairs on your behalf...

Power of Attorney (pdf 62kb)

Enduring Guardian: Plan ahead & take full control of your Healthcare

Sometimes we face the challenging situation of not having the capacity to make our own health and well-being decisions. You can appoint an Enduring Guardian at a time when you have the capacity to make your personal, health or lifestyle decisions. The Enduring Guardian will act on your behalf should you lose the capacity to make the decisions yourself.

Enduring Guardian (pdf 65kb)

Property: 15 steps to buying a property

What happens when you buy a property? At Gridiger Lawyers, we guide you through 15 simple steps to make the property purchase efficient, fast, legally sound and hassle-free...

Buying a Property (pdf 87kb)

Property: 12 steps to selling a property

There are 12 important steps to selling a property. At Gridiger Lawyers, we guide you through the process safely and efficiently...

Selling a Property (pdf 65kb)

Endowments: How to get started

Endowments may be set up by individuals wishing to fund a specific interest or by the Governing body of a not for profit. Setting up an endowment is an effective way of securing the financial future of the organisation. The process, albeit not overly complex, does command expert legal advice...

Endowments (pdf 110kb)


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